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1 half-enf, 1 tiefling, 1 human, 1 magical pest, 1 elf .

put the half-elves and the human in the a big country, let meet with a unlucky tiefling and send them around this country to find artifact.
in the same time put 2 wizards(one mad and one idiot) in the same seek and left them take 2 of the 5 artifact.
let meet the party with a strong human guy and put away the 2 human in a love-affeir and add a new member, a half-elf bard,and put them in a infected city with big number of no-death creatures and a litch.
let put a spell on the tiefling by the litch and put this away.let meet now with a child-girl that put away the spell from the tiefling and, after he refuse to change and became good, re-put the spell and add a new on she.
send all the party in a city and let free the thief,witch and knight/barbar in the main place and let them try to rob, let meet them with the citizen-guard, and let them escape and meet with a golem, reunify the party and let them forget hours and the big sword of the tiefling T_T and let meet whit the wizard(the idiot but powerful).
put a deal and let came back to seek,find the 3th artifact and return to the wizard's place. go in a new city and buy a necklace that change in pig.put the necklace on the thief and tell at guard of palace you are the guy that carry the food,kill the guard and let get in the other, remember to put off the necklace from the neck of the thief before to attack guard.
find the wizard(the one mad) and try to kill him, you can use again the necklace if you want.
take the artifact and return at wizard's place(the idiot), so now the patry have 3 of the 5 artifact, now let them take by a alien-ship and let them meet with a sinbul and let find that she have 4 artifact(the 3 of them and 1 of the simbul )and let send them to fight a dragon.
in the same time a wizard fight against the dragon let the your party fight other creatures.
now put away the dragon e the wizard and let take the last artifact away from your party by the simbul.
let party take the treasure, put them in the way of home and send a succubus to take the tiefling, the simbul to take the witch(elf), and left the the 2 half-elves mett the Arpisti.make rain comet from the sky and let them find that the magic is become savage.
let rest this 2 year in a cool city and you have a tiefling, a thief and a bard, that want to kill a witch in the real life.
border with a master skilled with dices(20 forever) a tiefling that is in love with the number 1, a bard(the most useless category), a thief(the only kind)that don't rob and a witch that is the most hated of the word.
i hope you enjoy the recipe with your friends and i suggest you KILL WITCH THAT SON-OF-BITCH before give the last artifact at her boss.

gods save the tiefling.
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